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One who gains fame, money, and e-peens from literally stealing videos and spreading his own unfunny, oppressive pussy juice all over it.

Also known to feed memes from 2006 to his viewers, as if we don't have enough 12 year old faggots running around screaming "FAKE AND GAY."

The videos he steals, on the contrary, are absolutely hilarious.

Oh yeah, stole the phrase "fake and gay," which is not surprising at all.
raywilliamjohnson isn't funny and is in fact quite unsettling, considering how a thief gained so much fame.
by Twiddlypoo July 18, 2011
According to the other definitions, Lupe is someone who brings originality to the rap genre.

But if you've heard "The Show Goes On," you know that is a pile of horse shit. The tune and hook of "The Show Goes On" is blatantly take- er, i mean "SAMPLED LOL" from "Float On."

Fans like to excuse this as "corporate whoring, if lupe didnt make this song he wouldnt have a record!" Yeah, well how about you consider that when you say that Lupe is a "real and original" rapper? A "real and original" rapper wouldn't let a fucking record label company get in his way, you fucking posers.

A better definition for Lupe would be a modern version of Vanilla Ice, replacing under pressure with float on.

Listen to some REAL rap.
Lol, i liek totally wuv lupe fiasco he so amazing and origianla and talented!
by Twiddlypoo September 5, 2011