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A girl that goes aroung "Talkin" to everybody, kissin everybody. She Doesnt fuck them she leads them on with all the sexual attention, like the kissin the lickin wisperin in the ear.
One Day Yur Kissin One Boy
The Next Day Yur Kissin Another
Then Yur kiss sum different boy in school
Then Go Home And Kiss The First Boy Yu Kissed. #Teasing Tweak

Or .... Goin Wit The Whole Team Jst No Sex Involed

Boy: Ayee Bro Yu See Tht Bitch
Bro: Yea Thts The Jawn I Go Wit
Boy: Dont Talk To Her She A Fuckin Teasin Tweak
Bro: How
Boy: She Been Around The Whole Fuckin Team, Givin Us All The Signs Of Sex. And She Aint Fuck Nobody!
Bro: Damn, She Gotta Go !
by TweeterTweet December 20, 2010
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Tweaker: Boy/Girl tht go around fuckin everybody . Gettin passed around the whole team or city/place
Boy: there go tht tweaker over there
Girl: How She A Tweak
Boy: The Whole Team Was In Tht Bitch
Girl: Smh Fuckin Whore
by TweeterTweet December 20, 2010
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