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A way to make yourself sound sexy and toned, while really describing the think layer of cellulite that wraps around your middle. Mostly used by men on dating sites to falsely attract women.

FL (abbreviation for Florida) + Abs = Flabs.
E-Harmony Description: "I'm John. I'm 40 years old, and I'm in the best shape of my life. Don't be decieved by my moderately thinning hair and oily complextion. These are only signs of my malnutrition due to my lifestyle of strenuous exercise, and I have the Florida Abs to prove it."
by Turpinator February 24, 2010

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A sexuality where you are so deeply in love with the candy, PEZ, that you would literally marry it.
Jack: "I'm thinking about asking Gina to the prom."

Jim: "Good luck, man. She's a PEZbian."
by Turpinator February 24, 2010

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When you pretend to have Bieber Fever just to be socially accepted among your peers.
Erin: You don't even know any of his songs. Stop Playing Bieber Hookyy.
by Turpinator May 22, 2010

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