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When the retards at urbandictionary.com dont want to publish a decent definition like (retard right), rather, they'd publish some dumbass random word to get other dumbasses to agree with their bullshit.
UD moderator1: Retard right is not a good enough definition.

UD moderator2: I agree. Lets just keep allowing people to type stupid ass words to promote MTV jewish degeneracy so that humanity doesn't progress and feels sorry for the holohoax. Slideydupe.
by TruthHammer2000 March 02, 2012
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When people who don't like you tell you that you are wrong in EVERYTHING you say and/or do just to boost their own pathetic ego. This in turn makes them feel justified in whatever they do and makes you feel like you are less than them somehow, like you're an animal. In reality, those people are the retards who have to hurt others just to make themselves feel right like as if they were smarter than everyone else.
Fake smart person: "Your existence means nothing and you are nothing therefore you are ALWAYS wrong and I am always right so just give up because my shit smells better than yours."

Average person 1: "Who is this retard telling me I am worthless?"

Average Joe 2: "Just some loser who wants to believe they are BTY. Pay no mind to them as they are bitter in life and have no goals other than to be retard right."
by TruthHammer2000 February 29, 2012
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