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Name or title given to one who creates aesthetically pleasing media, including but not limited to; photography, graphics, design and video. "iokee" is one with many talents and one able to execute many ideas.
James is a quite the iokee, I heard hes just been nominated for an award of excellence in photography! Only last week he was involved in a music video production - the guy has many talents.
by TrustedAlias August 06, 2008

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(Pronounced "mee pooh") Someone or something that is cute and petite. Usually referring to girlfriends, pets and young children, but can also be used to describe objects (eg. toys, cars etc).
1. Hey mippu, I miss you. (guy saying to a girl).

2. Oh my god, what a mippu! I want one of those! (referring to a pet or object).

3. Awww shes such a mippu! Whats her name? (referring to a new born child).
by TrustedAlias August 06, 2008

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