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A person who is sexually attracted to males, females and any animal, and is a hermaphrodite that can reproduce asexually (much like bacteria).
Quadrosexual: "Make-a love to my body"
Johnny: "Are you gay?!"
Quadrosexual: "No, I'm a quadrosexual" *promptly has sex with self, reproduces to form 3 selves and has sex with Johnny while licking a dog's anus"
by Trollip November 28, 2007
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1) Code word for porn, since porn is usually kept in the Quake 3 folder.
2) Less common: A first person shooter
"Dude, ur quake 3 folder is HUGE!"

"Lets watch some quake 3"

Guy 1: "Let's watch some quake 3 together"
Guy 2: "No ur gay, I only watch quake 3 alone"

Less common: "Quake 3 is such a cool game! We should LAN sometime!"
by Trollip June 29, 2007
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