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Your boyfriend is gonna break up with you.
Guy: I dunno, I need to think about things

Translation: I'm gonna break your heart
by Trista March 24, 2004

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Extremely high spirits leading to intoxication from drugs or alcohol; exhilarated or confused by alcohol; crunked; blizted
We are going to get so schwanked on spring break!!!!
by Trista February 21, 2005

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Paul Donhauser
"Mapquest.. That rhymes with Matt Pless!"
by Trista December 31, 2003

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Someone (most often female) who isn't overweight, but considerably out of shape. Like if your ass eats your pants when you walk, or your stomach folds over the rim of your pants.
"Her ass is way too frumpy for those white pants."
by Trista September 16, 2004

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