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An aura. An energy. A place in time. That which is all around you. Can be used to describe most anything, from them poisonous chemicals to an anomoly of nature - up to and including a stringy, stinky hairpiece purchased from Morrie. not possible to live a day without experiencing Koehl in some form and tense. Usually refers to weed smoked in any form.
"let's do a Koehl."
"Daniel LaRusso fucks Koehl up in Karate Kid."
by Tricky Fritz January 25, 2006
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An adjective describing something crazy dumb, stupid, horrible, sub-par, or simply not good. A combination of the words bootsy and cukoo or kookoo.

Also can be used: Bootsy-kookoo
"Yo son did you get on that new Halo 3?"
"Naw, dude - shits is bootsy-koo."

"An Oktoberfest celebration taking place in September? That's got bootsy-kookoo written all over it!"
by Tricky Fritz September 18, 2007
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Weed, Kryptonite, byzle, kato. Any form of marijuana, originally derived from the word 'bowl'.
"Yo cuzzin, you got that bize? Lemme holla at them shits."
by Tricky Fritz January 25, 2006
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