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An expression used when the absolute most terrible thing has happened to someone and the realization that you or anybody else cant do a damned thing about it.
You ask a guy to help you with your car because its having problems. He gets in the car after fixing it and takes off with your wallet, phone, and laptop inside. You yell for help, but soon realize that there is no one around. So the only thing to do is silently utter to yourself, Wellfuck.
by Tricky Bad August 24, 2011
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A phrase used when you have nothing else to say, during an awkward moment, when asked a personal question, or when you dont feel like having a conversation with somebody. It means what ever it is needed to mean at the time you say it.
Matt: "I found unfamiliar stains on my sheets"

Jeffery: "That sucks."

Matt: "I saw you on the nanny cam"

Jeffery: "i dont like change."
by Tricky Bad August 24, 2011
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