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地雷女(Jirai-onna) lit. "Land Mine Woman". Usually younger girls.
A 'landmine' is a girl/woman who wears cute clothes/makeup but in truth, is nothing but trouble.
Somewhat like menhera, they're obsessive and tend to have major personality issues.

They tend to be very attention-seeking, have a messy relationship history, and is overly attached to her social media/how she presents herself online.
She will write out her inner angst as poetry and post it while acting vague and aloof. Act vulnerable and self deprecating in front of others for sympathy but is far too self absorbed to try and sympathize with others.
Generally avoided by most Japanese men, being regarded as mentally and emotionally draining.
However, just like Menhera, it has become a sort of fashion trend amongst Japanese women and has given room for a specific style associated with 'Jirai Onna', also called 'Jirai Kei'.

Landmine-Girls/Women are typically characterized by their red eyeshadow, eye bag makeup, thick bangs, twin tails, Sanrio accessories, ribbons and very feminine clothing with slight gothic accents from brands like Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, and Honey Cinnamon.
"Women with over 2 two ribbons on their body are 20,000,000% a 'Landmine-Girl'." -Kiryu Coco
by TriMeruu October 9, 2020
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メンヘラ (Menhera) is Japanese internet slang for somebody who has, likely suffers from mental illness or needs help for their mental illness.
The term was seemingly popularized on 2Channel's (now 5Channel as of late 2017) mental health board Menherer (now Menhera) and was originally abbreviated as "Menhel", deriving from the word "mental health".

It does not refer to any mental illness in specific but is moreso an ambiguous term of nuance.
Although Menhera is intentionally different from previous slurs and used to avoid discrimination, there is still a stigma surrounding it.
Being that Menhera are mentally unstable and their behavior can escalate very quickly: stalking, throwing tantrums, attention-seeking, testing their partner's loyalty and threatening self harm.
In the late 2010s, Menhera began to emerge in the form of a fashion through the substyle 'Yami Kawaii', that would challenge Japanese society's views on mental health bluntly. Pastel medical accessories like syringes, pins with nooses + pills and vent art on oversized clothing on full display.
A series of satire comics by Bisuko Ezaki titled "Wrist cut warrior Menherachan/メンヘラチャン" that originally started off as vent art became popularized through Yami Kawaii as well.

The character has now become a staple in the fashion. However, controversy arose when in early 2019, Ezaki trademarked the word 'Menhera'.

It has since been bastardized as only a 'sickly cute aesthetic' by westerners on Instagram.
"Dating a menhera is already a hassle, imagine trying to break up with them"
by TriMeruu October 9, 2020
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