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Corey Scherer is a professional dancer he is also a youtuber with a great personality and always cracks hilarious jokes. Corey lived in the traphouse for a few years with Jake Webber, Elton Castee who only lived there for about 1 1/2 years, Sam Golbach, Colby Brock, Aaron Doh, and last but not least his girlfriend Devyn Lundy. Corey had broken his ribs from a jetski accident in 2018 or early 2019 which resulted in him making a video about it while he was crying which is very unusual for Corey because he tries to make sure everyone is happy and he doesn't want people or his viewers to see him crying because he wants to set a positive mood for everyone when they are watching his videos. Corey is a naturally happy and exciting person to be around. Just recently in June Corey and Devyn broke up and stopped posting on their duo channel CoreyandDevyn, this left all of their viewers heartbroken because everyone thought they were the perfect couple. People also thought that they were going to get married one day. That clearly didn't happen though. Corey and Devyn are now living their seperate lives, Devyn still a makeup artist/Youtuber and Corey still a professional dancer/Youtuber. Corey has a podcast with Aaron Doh that they post on every Sunday they post it on an app called Himalaya and on Mondays they post the footage of their podcast on Corey's Youtube channel.
Bestfriend 1: Hey what youtubers do you watch?
Bestfriend 2: Oh I watch Shane Dawson, Molly Burke, Kevin Launge, Corey Scherer
Bestfriend 1: OMG YOU WATCH Corey Scherer too? I've never met someone else that does
Bestfriend 2: Ahh Who's your favorite from the Traphouse
Bestfriend 1: Uh Corey duh
Bestfriend 2: ME TOO
Bestfriend 1: Ahhhhhhh
by Traphouse_bois October 27, 2019

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