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A boys prep school located in Greenwich, CT. Brunswick has grades pre-K - 12th and is an all boys school. In high school (grades 9-12) Brunswick combines with Greenwich Academy (an all girls school) resulting in coed classes. Students at Brunswick often come from wealthy families in Greenwich, Rye, Stamford, and other surrounding towns. Although it is only a day school, Brunswick is considered one of New England's best prep schools. Graduates often attend universities including Stanford, Middlebury, Dartmouth, UVA, and Yale. Although famous for its incredible lacrosse, squash, and hockey teams, Brunswick also hosts excellent varsity teams including football, baseball, soccer, crew, tennis, water polo, cross country, wrestling, and basketball. Students at Brunswick are often much more cultured and educated than Greenwich's public schools, especially Central Middle School where all of the kids are complete idiots with no athletic or academic ability. Brunswick has a long history of academic and athletic excellence which they continue to this day.
Jim: "Are you applying to Brunswick School next year?"
Matt: "Ya, I really want to get in, Brunswick is such a good school."
Jim: "I agree. Brunswick is much better than Central."
by Trajan174 July 26, 2012

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This word was created by students from Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. They use it in two contexts, as seen below:

1. A person who is bad at most activities. Used to describe a person who is for the most part a failure at life. A shortened form of "munson".
2. A suffix to most names that implies the same meaning as the noun form.
1. "Look at that guy! He just fell on his ass because he was combing his hair. What a monz."

2. Guy #1: "Hey look, Grantmonz just got hit in the face with a baseball."
Guy #2: "Ya, he is so bad at everything."
by Trajan174 July 26, 2012

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