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Something of an oddity, & as far as I am aware, a rarity. Whilst most Chavs enjoy an unhealthy dose of jewelery/gold plated jewelery, those wearing Fake Bling are in possesion of a poor quality, cheap attempt at Bling. Fake Bling is often plastic, hollow & adorned with plastic diamonds & gold paint, one such example was a plastic padlock, that lacked a back, was painted with sparkly gold paint & worn in conjunction with a potentially real gold necklace by an extremely mo mo chav.
Kev: "Check out my amazing Bling!"
Average Joe: "Uh, that looks kinda plastic, in fact, I'm pretty sure those diamonds are stickers..."
Average Jim: "Its Fake Bling."
by Traize June 24, 2005
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Used by neds/kevs/chavs instead of 'fucking'. This is due to an individual having extremely poor langauge skills, probably as a result of poor parenting, which snowballs to effect education & therefore the development of proper pronunciation & grammar.

May also appear as 'fokin'.
Kev: "Fockin innit bey."
Ned: "Fokin yea."
by Traize June 24, 2005
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Phrase used to describe a lack of enthusiasm or a person's complete failure to say something of value.

May be accompanied by the slightly tired waving of ones index finger in small circles.
Frank: "So, I went & bought this brand new car, its a Nova, but its totally awesome, much better than yours."
Bob: "Whoopty fuckin' doo."
by Traize June 24, 2005
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Potentially racist term for someone of Black African Origin.

Usually used in a humourous context between friends, where no racism is intended.
Bob: "You team-killed me! You Wig Wog!"
Jim: "Is it too late to say sorry?"
by Traize June 24, 2005
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