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Iron & Wine is a one man musician/songwriting artist. His music is relativly quiet and all acoustic. Some other band members have been included for playing things like banjo in accompaniment. He has done collabs with Calexico and covered the Postal Service song, Such Great Heights. A beautiful singer and songwriter, Sam Beam (his real name) lives in Miami, Florida. Iron & Wine is on the Sub Pop indie music label.
Did you hear the Iron & Wine song on the radio?
by Totoro April 17, 2006
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Sub Pop Records is a well respected indie music label label. It has a great roster of well knowns and unknowns like The Shins, The Postal Service, Iron & Wine, and Hot Hot Heat. Originated in 1979 when Bruce Pavitt started a fanzine for indie rock called Subterranean Pop. A mix tape LP thing with indie rockers from around the country was made and long story short, Sub Pop Records forms.
Hey, I found a record label with a lot of cool bands. It's called sub pop.
by Totoro April 17, 2006
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The study of the history of music, very often focused on Western music. You must be a skilled musician with a performance background and knowledge of music theory to study musicology. Musicians in America typically study musicology at the graduate level (Masters and PhD). With a degree in musicology you can pursue a career working for a music library, become a music professor, or become a better educated musician. The field of musicology is highly intellectual, very impractical, but can be a lot of fun. In recent years musicologists have begun to study the meaning of music. This is a really cool development which merges the field of musicology with the fields of philosophy, psychology, and linguistics to name a few. The study of musical meaning asks questions like, "why listen to sad music if it makes you feel sad?" and "why and how does music influence our emotions?"
college senior: "Hey! I heard you're a music major and you like history. Are you going to go to grad school for musicology?"
music major: "No way! I'm not that intense about music. Also, I want a job when I graduate. If I'm really rich when I retire then I'd love to get an MA in Musicology, but not now."
by Totoro July 31, 2013
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