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The woman who gave birth to you. She sometimes gets in your face & business, she has mood swings & at times just loses it, but you love her no matter what & she loves you too.
All any mom really wants is to have one day a week to just relax & not have to drive their kids everywhere.

She's the woman who takes care of all the pets you promised to feed & bathe but 'forget', the one who buys you almost everything in the world, the one who hugs you when you're upset & always has a shoulder to cry on, the one who deals with anything from Tampons to heartbreaks when dads don't, the one who always searches for bargains, & one of the few females who won't start rumors about you & start drama.
In other words, the crazy lady well all love.
Me: Mom, can I have this new CD?

Mom: You just got one!

Me: But I really like this band! I found it online cheap & new.

Mom: -sighs- How much, honey?
by ToriFTW January 03, 2009
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A (in my opinion) very talented group of guys who despise the word 'emo'. The amazing band consists of Ray Toro - lead guitar, Frank Iero - rhythm guitar, Mikey Way - bass, Bob Bryar - drums, & the wonderful Gerard Way - vocals.

I am aware that a lot of you who read this will be like 'oh its an emo kid' or 'they're so emo' BUT. They're not emo, if you actually listen to the lyrics, they are an ANTI suicide band. For example, the song Famous Last Words states: "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this word alone." & So on & so forth.

My Chemical Romance has 3 studio albums - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love; Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge; & The Black Parade. 2 Live CD/DVDS - Life On The Murder Scene & The Black Parade Is Dead!

Their most popular songs are Helena, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Welcome to the Black Parade, Teenagers, & Famous Last Words.
I personally did not hear all of their songs on the radio, I found them, so there may have been more mainstream songs, I don't know.

MCR (as they are often abbreviated) formed in the time of 9/11. Gerard was on his way to work in NY & saw the bodies falling/jumping out of the building. At that point he though what am I doing with my life?
He decided to call up some old friends & formed the band. The original drummer, Matt Pelissier, was in the band when it formed, obviously. He later was fired because of his poor performance & lack of devotion to the band.

As for where the name came from, Mikey & Gerard were working at Barnes & Noble. Mikey saw the words 5 Tales of Chemical Romance on the back or inside of a book (whose author I forget). When he joined the band, he thought he should add My to it to give it a twist. From then on, they were known as MCR, My Chem, & My Chemical Romance of course.

Future plans - 2009: They recently filmed a music video for their cover of Bob Dylan's 'Desolation Row'. MCR recorded this song for the movie 'The Watchmen', which will be in theaters in March. My Chem is also set to record an album sometime this year, claimed to be 'early 2009'.

In conclusion, a great band... in my opinion.
Normal 11 year old: OMGOMGOMG DON'T YOU LOVE MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!

Me - logical 11 year old: Bleh, disgusting. My Chemical Romance for the win!

Normal 11 year old: Hu dat?!!!!??!!!!

Me: -sighs-
by ToriFTW January 03, 2009
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One of the few, if not the only, boy a girl can trust. He's the one who loves playing games with you & goofing off with you while your mom works. He works too, doing manly things like mowing & vacuuming, just not as much as the mother.
He's the old-timey guy who loves board games but also enjoys Mario Kart very much. He stays in the basement watching old western movies & working on puzzles (my family refers to it as the Mancave). He's the one with the stories of when he was a boy that make you smile & always teach a lesson, he's the one who still wants to hold your hand or hug you at the mall, visits video game stores & watches movies frequently, demanding at times, the one you can talk to when your mom's having major mood swings.

The greatest guy ever.

Me: Mmm, looks like Mom's in a mood again.

Dad: Yeah, that's been happening a lot lately. -chuckles- I love your mom, but when she gets angry, -chuckles again- she gets angry.
by ToriFTW January 03, 2009
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