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A topshagger is usually one of ‘the lads’ who gets all the pussy. Every night he has a new bitch to fuck. Some names of famous topshaggers are: Scott Nolan, Taylor, Ian, and Caleb
Taylor: Sup lads, I have had 7 bitched bouncing on my dick this week wbu?
Scott Nolan : Ha, only 7?? I’ve had 15.

Girl: Oh scott ur such a topshagger
by TopShagger4 September 23, 2018

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That one sick fuck who pays fat gingers to suck his small, flacid, pathetic dick and then tells everyone about it. They r usually polish and eat dogs (their favorite is st Bernard’s bc of the meat) they also hang around w annoying, fat kids who all think they are THE shit. FUCK YOU URBANSKI’S
Fat ginger bitch: HEY URBANSKI!! Give me a fiver and I’ll suck ur dick
by TopShagger4 October 21, 2018

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An autistic legend. Likes to rape and bully little kids. Only eats stew from his mums dry, dusty, vagina. Justin Carroll’s have no life. They are usually teachers that bully their students for having small willies when Justin has no Willie, just a flat space.
Boy1: Did Justin rape u too?

Boy2: no but he made me eat his moms vag stew!

Boy3: aren’t all Justin carolls bullies and loners?
Boy4: yeah, and mostly autistic.
by TopShagger4 September 27, 2018

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To shove a large, vainy, hard, wet, dick up someone’s mum making her scream at the top of her lungs ‘I’m going to cum!!’
I’m going to shank your mum! I’ll shove my hard, vainy, large, wet dick your mum and she will be screaming ‘I’m going to cum’
by TopShagger4 September 23, 2018

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Limes are green fruits that are usually shoved up the anus during exotic and intense gay sex. From 1-5 gay men will lie down on there stomach while a lime is shoved up there anus. They usually scream/shout oh daddy or harder repeatedly.
Gay man 1: Did you hear about the gay men shoving limes up their anus when having exotic sex?

Gay man 2: Yeah, let’s try it tonight! They are the green fruits aren’t they?
by TopShagger4 September 23, 2018

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An absolute legend. Gets all the pussy. One of the lads!! Mad respect for fuckboys. Usually hated by overly hormonal females.
Girl: I bet he’s a fuckboy. I hate them.

Guy: Shut it bitch, he’s one of us, he’s a mad legend, gway ya sket.
by TopShagger4 September 23, 2018

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