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1) a valid athletic sport that involves intense grapple and submissions mostly at ground level. highly entertaining and extemely competitive, athletic wrestling is a great sport. unfortunatly most athletic wrestlers are douche bags who dismiss the sports entertainment version as pure acting and "bullshit" despite the fact that theyve never taken/given a steel chair shot to the head or put anyone through/ been put through a folding put-away table.
2. wrestling (sports entertainment) a sort of glitzed-up version of the same sport wherein competiters require even more stamina and discipline as well as skills in the preformance arts in order to hang in. although the appeal of pro-wrestling is usually stoked with fictious story-lines and character gimmicks within the televised programmes, pro-wrestlers must train to take the same kind of blows they dish out as most impacts in-ring are all real. this is one wrestler who has been on both sides of the fence and can attest as to the validity of both forms of true athleticism. now all you wwe-hating, ground-groping douche-bags run tell that.
wrestling is an awesome sport weather its athletic or entertainment.
by TonyChavez July 11, 2008

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