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Going Public refers to an online secret relationship in a social network system (like facebook) between 2 people that is kept in a chat box so their friends are not aware that they are involved with each other. Thay appear as casual friends to the community; Until 1 or both change their relationship status and announce it to the facebook community.
Joan: "did you see, bill and kelly are going public"

Connie: "yes, Bill changed his relationship status on the home page. "
by Tonka's Plaything June 13, 2012

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"in the cage" is a term used when gossiping about a friend or acquaintance that has been sent to jail (usually county; but could be State or Federal Prison)
Nikki: " Did ya hear about Jim? He is doing 6 in the cage from that fight at the bar."

Sandy: " Ooo, he's too pretty for jail. he will be ready to party when he gets out. I'll be waiting."
by Tonka's plaything June 13, 2012

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refers to a group of frequent, regular, female visitors to a guy's wall on a social networking site (like Facebook) . They often flirt, comment, "like", and tag him in many posts. They are prone to making him customized profile pictures and sending him hearts and songs to gain his attention.
Her: " I see your regular collection of wall flowers have been on your wall all day, looks like 10 songs and 15 hearts posts and it is before noon"

Him: " I like having fun with them. they aren't serious. they just like to play around,"
by Tonka's plaything June 13, 2012

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