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The best soccer team in New Zealand and possibly the world. Made up of some of the worlds best soccer players such as Thomas Hunt.
person1 "hey do you know the score of the Smokey Joes match?"
person2 "yeh they won like 10 nill"
Person1 "man they must of played bad"
by Tomukani June 14, 2011

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The name given to the best three soccer players in the world. Currently the Triangle consists of Sam Percy, Aran Warren and the master of the triangle Thomas Hunt. The Triangle is currently playing for Smokey Joes
Person1 " hey did you see that soccer game last night"
Person2 " hell yeah the Triangle of Doom kicked ass"
Person1 " man I wish i was as good as them"
by Tomukani November 01, 2011

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Awesomest town in the whole world. Has many great things such as a giant kiwi, a public toilet and a hotel
Person1 " I went to Eketahuna"
Person2 " awesome bro lucky"
by Tomukani May 04, 2011

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