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He's Truly representing BKto the fullest.
"The presidents a Bush and the vice is a Dick, so a whole lotta fuckin' is what we gon get!"

"People let me paint a picture
You know I ain't a christian
I ain't a muslim, ain't a jew
I'm losing my religion
I speak to god directly
I know my god respect me
Cause he let me breathe his air and he really blessed me"

"No place like home when the cops ask you about your neighbors
Beat on you, threaten to incarcerate you
Till you spill your guys like you a Garcia Vega
We roll blunts not the papers
Cop the greatest take it coast to coast
L.A. to Chicago like Smooth Operators"

And on and on and on...
by Tomo0O0o May 04, 2005

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I just saw his exhibit in Philly, and it was AMAZING! He was so talented. I have always loved his work, but now I have such a greater appreciation, seeing it up close.
three words twenty letters for my example:

the endless enigma
by Tomo0O0o May 04, 2005

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Back in the day, before psychology really developed, when someone was considered "crazy" they would thing the devil was in them. Instead of treating them wiht medication, therapy, ect... They would do horrible things to them like drill holes in their heads to let the evil spirits out, or beat them to death out of fear of what is inside.
"I would beat the hell out of him."
by Tomo0O0o April 29, 2005

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