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Liking the smell of your own farts too much.
"Aww, dude, that's rank", said the girl, waving her hands back and forth. "It's not so bad, in fact, I kinda like it", replied Zach, who clearly had a bad case of inflatuation.
by TomSlick August 28, 2011

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Seeing the glass as half-full...of backwash.
Robin thinks President Obama's new Jobs Act will create millions of new jobs. Millions of unnecessary, temporary jobs that will cost the rest of us billions of dollars we don't have. She's a true optipessimist!
by TomSlick September 18, 2011

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Someone obsessed with the comic book superhero lifestyle. ( Movies, t-shirts ect....)
Dude saw Iron man 3 like 6 times. he a damn Superholic....
by tomslick October 14, 2013

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