3 definitions by TomCrazy

A guy even worse than your usual retard.
Look at that retard!
No man, he's worse. Hes a Tardemon.
by TomCrazy January 21, 2009
My Own Mother I'd Like To Fuck.

Yeah, some people are so sick.
-Hey, she was hot!
-Yeah, its my mom. She's my momilf.
by TomCrazy February 6, 2009
A great music streaming program.

Made by the swedes.

The prog is so leet even Chuck Norris and MacGyver uses it!

Contains almost every song you can think of, except The Beatles, AC/DC and Metallica, due to some copyright thingies.

-Hey, heard ot the new music program, Spotify?
-No, is it good?
-Yeah. You want it? I can invite you.
by TomCrazy February 7, 2009