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an almightily painful shit that steams out of your arse and splatters the toilet bowl, erousing the suspicion of anal explosion, also known as the curry fucker or the indian revolution.
oh God no, it's coming, it wont stop, FUCKIN' BASTARD! MY RECTUM IS ON FIRE!

Tom are you ok dear?
by Tom Hubbard April 30, 2005

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there are some idiotic bastard on here, deja vu occurs when the human brain uses exactly the same thought pattern twice, this often sparks the belief that u have done the momentary action before. also, when i get deja vu it makes me feel ill like nausea, its a type of epilepsy which can cause black outs.
Tom: oh oh, deja vu...

Dave: wtf?

'tom passes out'
by tom hubbard November 16, 2005

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no m8 is the expression used when someone has spoken unjustly and is out of social verbal boundries and need to be owned.
hey look this buddah has the face of jesus on it, thats ironic!.......NO M8!
by Tom hubbard June 01, 2005

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u know when u seen that middle-aged welsh farmer really getting through that sheep? that was beastiality.
Q-was it good for u too?
by Tom hubbard July 23, 2005

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