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A particularly bad dose of permalag - persistent jet lag where the traveler shuts down all non-vital functions in order to survive the rest of the journey. Kicks in after ~60 days of back-to-back time zone crossing travel and high-stress meetings. Signs of permaphuck include: exhaustion; extreme anti-social behaviour; and waking up not knowing what continent you are in.

Travelers have been known to survive for weeks in a state of permaphuckedness - by switching to auto-pilot and falling back on learned behaviours. There are however long term side effects: deteriorating health; a trail of broken relationships; an unhealthy awareness of and desire to talk about airport lounges.

Some travelers believe that permaphuckedness is a result of their soul trying to catch up with their physical self.

The use of "phuck" stems both from its use inside corporations where employees are trying to side step the email monitoring algorithms, and on blogs etc where the writer is trying to avoid being listed as a porn site.
I'm so permaphucked I could crawl into a ball and die.

The only way I'm going to ride out this permaphuck is to keep drinking.
by Tokyoite September 11, 2009

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Repeated doses of jet lag, the result of back-to-back flights across multiple time zones. By the time you've grown accustomed to one time zone, you're already in the next. Typically the result of an around the world flight with multiple stop overs.

Sometimes abbreviated to lagged.

A mild form of permaphuck.
I've got a serious dose of permalag.
by Tokyoite September 11, 2009

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An abbreviation of jet lag or permalag.
I'm crazy lagged, going to bed.
by Tokyoite September 11, 2009

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