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An idealised version of Japan that the Wapanese believe in. The 'holy land' equivalent for the Wapanese.

In Wapan the Wapanese believe that Japanese people will welcome them like a brother and admire their Japanese language skills and their love of Anime and Manga and fondness for Pocky and they will live in happiness for the rest of thier lives.
Wapanese - I can't wait to get to Wapan where I can marry a Japanese girl, eat heaps of Pucca and Pocky and watch Anime and read Manga with like-minded Japanese for the rest of my life.

Normal person - Wake the fuck up, fool! You're Wapanese and will never be accepted into Japanese Society!
by TokyoFool! April 07, 2008
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It's all about killing Jesus and eating chocolate.

What's not to love?
Person 1 - It's easter time again
Person 2 - Yeehaa! Time to break out the cross and get fat!
by TokyoFool! April 07, 2008
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