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The jockey of cock can sometimes be a gay man who doth ride the scepter of another man.

But is also Brighton slang for someone (male or female) who is to be derrided and looked on as a person of poor social substance.
"Man, don't be such a cock jockey, next you'll be telling me you like Good Charlotte"
by Tmacb May 20, 2005

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Hippies are basically a very hypocritical bunch.

Based on sixties culture of sex and drugs. It was a way for alot of semi attractive guys to get laid by convincing women that they were shunning the garbs that society had put on them, then getting them wasted and evevtually pregnant.

The modern day equivalent involves being insanely self absorbed and selfish, bitching about the state of the world and its environment, whilst driving vehicles that use ridiculous amounts of fuel. Then surfing the internet and watching the TV, doing nothing useful and living off benefits.

They are complete bunch of pot smoking scum that need to be eradicated from the earth, if only for their terrible tie-dyed shirts.

In short they are cunts.
-Hey man what you're saying is really heavy.

-Oh for fuck's sake shut up you fucking hippy, here have some more cannbis.
by Tmacb May 24, 2005

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An actor who showed early promise, but then co-starred along side some ropey CGI and Samuel L Jackson with a purple light saber. Subsequently almost everything she has been has been rubbish.
Ever wanted to go and see episode one at the cinema?... No?

Well how about Leon, yeah Jean Reno was great in that.
by Tmacb May 20, 2005

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