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a word used to describe a man that you would think would be gay but it not.

as opposed to a rugged man, a flimy man is genuienly soft spoken, soft hands, and has feminen tendensys. normaly one's gaydar would be going off but they are not gay.

Basicly a man that does not fit the steriotipical manly man.
"Dude that guy is such a homo."

"you know he has a wife and kids right?"

"oh. so he is just flimsy."
by TimberLine15 May 21, 2010
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The light that comes on when your car or truck is running low on fuel. its your vehical's way of telling you its hungry and if you dont feed it, you will be walking.
so i was driving along and the feed me or walk light came on. did you know i can drive 50 more miles after that?
by TimberLine15 May 21, 2010
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