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"Yah mean?" is a slang term that originates from the second scene of Scary Movie 2. It can be used in almost all situations, especially those in which one is trying to be gangsta.

A rough translation of "Yah mean?" converts to:

"Do you comprehend the words in which I am saying?"
Yo, dat honey ova' dere looks fine, yah mean, son, yah mean, yah mean?
by Tigersue July 10, 2010
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A phrase used to describe any sort of funny event, joke, saying, or anything that tickles a sense of humor. Kinds of humor can range from corny to clever, as long as it's humorous in some sort.

The phrase was coined from a video on Youtube adequately named "Super Funny Tickles," in which a small child is tickled relentlessly.
I heard they're making a Prince of Persia 2. What a Super Funny Tickle.
by Tigersue June 29, 2010
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When someone plays computer games and they lick their lips every so often because of intense concentration resulting in dribbling and wiping their mouth which causes sore lips.
Your lips look sore you must have gamers lip
by tigersue February 17, 2012
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