3 definitions by TigerZahn

The correct way to spell konichiwa; meaning "Hello" and/or "Good Afternoon".
1.Konnichiwa, Mr.Smith!

2.Konnichiwa, How are you doing today?
by TigerZahn March 15, 2005
The spanish word for moon. Often used as a name for characters in anime, manga, movies and more.
Luna is an adorable kitten!

The moon, or luna, looks very pretty tonite.
by TigerZahn March 15, 2005
The name of a popular anime/manga character staring in a show of the same name. InuYasha, broken down, roughly translates to dog demon.

'inu', meaning dog, and 'Yasha' being a slang/broken term of 'youkai' which means demon or other worldly (non human) creature. Often 'Yasha' is refered to mean half demon.

InuYasha is a half demon. His demon blood comes from his fathers side and his human blood comes from his mothers.
InuYasha is an excellent anime show!

InuYasha is very cute.

Did you know that InuYasha is only a half demon?
by TigerZahn March 15, 2005