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an obscene hour of the day that no one should be awake for.
i can't drink tonight, i have to go to the airport tomorrow at balls o'clock in the morning.
by ThusSpakeWill October 21, 2009

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Created by innovatively lazy people, catkins are the result of eating something messy and realizing that you don’t have a napkin nearby, but you do have a cat.
“Dude, I think your cat’s bleeding.”

“That’s not blood, that’s ketchup. And that’s not a cat, that’s a catkin.”
by ThusSpakeWill January 29, 2009

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Is this real life? A phrase meant to express disbelief; coined after the ever-popular "David at the Dentist" YouTube video.
Guy: The pub is serving 50 cent guinesses on St. Patrick's Day.

Other Guy: ITRL? I'm bringing a fist full of Trojans and a barf bag.
by ThusSpakeWill June 27, 2010

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(physics) the tendency of a body to want to continue to drink beers after the first one, unless acted upon by an external force.
her: why are you drinking ANOTHER beer, you're already hammered!?
him: don't question my beernertia. it's just how the universe works.

pick up an extra case of beer at the store so we don't have to break our beernertia.
by ThusSpakeWill November 06, 2009

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