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A Base Jumper Is An Affectionate Term Used For A Girl Who Sucks Cock All The Way To The Base...... This Term Is Only Used For Girls Who Have Talent & Technique..... No Hen Pecking Here........ Maximum Points Are Awarded For Not Gagging & Also The Rate Of Speed The Base Jump Is Performed At.
Look At Those Two Over There...... You Know The Blonde One On The Left Is A Fireman" (Only Into Helmet)..... Yeah But Dont Worry Man, I Know That Brunette On The Right, & She's A Champion "Base Jumper" Bruv
by Thugz Cuny December 06, 2010
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To Be Wanked Of By Someones Arse, No Penetration Just Rubbing Of The Cock Between The Cheeks.
"Hey Bill I Just got The Best Brown Wank Of My Life" "I Buttered Her Cheeks Like a Jacket Potatoe"
by Thugz Cuny February 19, 2009
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Thugz Cuny Reference To Pimps Bitches Or Hoes, Protected Pussy Avoid Or Engage At Your Own Peril.
Stay Away From Them There Thugz Cuny m8
by Thugz Cuny February 17, 2009
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When a Man Stands And a Woman Masturbates Him From A Kneeling Position. She Then Starts To Lick The Undercarrage Of His Balls. Thus Looking Like a Girraffe Licking For Leaves In A High treetop
"oooH Thats Right Baby Just There, Right There You Girraffe Licker"
by Thugz Cuny March 23, 2009
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Reference To Sum Really Tasty Pussy Juice.
When The Words Are Broken Down....
CLAM - Cause Pussy Looks Like A Clam
CHOW - Because You Eat It
WAH - Is What Your Left Saying After Its Drippin Off Your Chin
"That Girl Last Night Had The Best Clam Chow Wah I Ever Saw"
by Thugz Cuny February 19, 2009
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Reference To Someone Shitting Themselves Through Fear
"I I Had A Go At Dave For Slagging Me Off Behind My Back. He Was Fukin Brikin It Bruv"
by Thugz Cuny February 19, 2009
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The Sweat That Builds Up Around The Inner Thighs And Knackers Of A Salad Dodger On a Hot Day
"Hey Sarah, That Bloke Shouldnt Be Wearing Those Tracky Bottoms On A Hot Day Like This Check Out That Groin Grease"
"Dirty Bastard"
by Thugz Cuny April 03, 2009
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