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inter-di-men-sio-nal (in-tûr-di-ménshon-ôl)
1) Something or someone who is amazing, awesome, understanding, loving, extremely beautiful and funny.
2) Something that has interdimensions.
3) A dimension that has inter.
4) Someone who you call when you are drunk or stoned, or both and you leave them a 15 minute message on their phone.
5) Someone with a tall friend.
6) Someone who does not think you are weird when you pretend to be an animal and stop that person from getting their studybook.
7) A person who's house you go to on a Saterday night and watch their room get thrashed by two french kids.
8) A person who had you on their top 8 but then they took you off.
1)Blanca is interdimensional.
2)That is so interdimensional.
3)Yo, those are some interdimensional dimensions.
4)I call Blanca every Saterday because she's so interdimensional.
5) Blanca is interdimensional with Erin.
6) Blanca was interdimensional during lunch.
7) Blanca is mad grimey sometimes when is interdimensional.
by Thom@$$$ W€$t November 22, 2005
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