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Like popular MMORPG games, it has the ability to make one play for countless hours on end. It is known to contain 300 hours of gameplay if you play once and do everything there is to do. However, many create multiple characters of different races, resulting in months and years of ceaseless playing.

Many consider Skyrim as a drug, as it is addicting, can ruin your life, and it has various amounts of side affects. Side affects include: Memory loss, weight loss/gain, worsened eyesight, headache, wet and smelly pants, loss of family, loss of intimate relationships, loss of life, loss of sex etc.

Skyrim, although a massive and possibly the best game of the decade, is still argued to be worse than Morrowind. Morrowind fans are constantly raging on Skyrim fans, claiming Morrowind is far more superior. However, the game Skyrim not only includes the landmass of Skyrim, but also Cyrodil and Morrowind, and possibly other places in Tamriel. Thus, if a DLC or mod comes out that makes use of these unused landmasses, Oblivion and Morrowind fans may migrate to this new Elder Scrolls installment.

On the first day of release, game retailers were open at midnight just to sell this new game. Around 3.5 million copies were sold on the release date. Over 230,000 people were playing Skyrim on Steam on it's day of release, topping Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
Before Skyrim
Morrowind fans rage at Oblivion fans
Couples have sex on a normal routine
The grades of students are at their average level

After Skyrim
Morrowind fans rage at both Skyrim and Oblivion fans, and the occasional Oblivion fan claims that Oblivion is superior
A large portion of couples cease to exist, and the amount of people having sex was dramatically plunged
Students have started failing school
by Thock321 December 06, 2011

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