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A strong woman who can be trusted and relied on to no end. She puts up with people assuming she is a guy simply because of her name and politely accepts the assumption repeated times. She is quick to trust others and is shy at first but will open up once she feels comfortable around a person or a group. She can be an effective leader if given the right tasks to lead and a bit of encouragement. She is a faithful girlfriend who will love you until you hurt her beyond repair, and even then will remain someone you could rely on as a friend. You can tell your secrets to her because she is happy to listen and offer whatever advice she has. She is a shoulder to cry on and it takes a lot to make her not like you. She is funny, smart, and pretty. Any guy who can capture her attention and her heart will have gained an amazing girl who would never try to hurt him and will happily ive many second chances. He should be thankful and treat her the way she deserves.
Guy: "I am dating this awesome girl."
Friend: "What is her name?"
Guy: "Christian."
Friend: "I should have known that! Christians are always awesome."
by ThisXCChick April 13, 2013
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