26 definitions by The_Ulimate_Noob

A cold meaningless existence that is full of pain and nothing but pain. Death just can’t come fast enough.
by The_Ulimate_Noob December 04, 2020
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A super hot guy, who is good at Greek mythology
Pavan: I wish I could be like Parkerit
Parkerit: You couldn’t be like be in a million years
by The_Ulimate_Noob November 13, 2020
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Is the worst teacher you will ever have he is a colossal douche. Mr. Bassi is the worst teacher ever, and he gives homework everyday because he doesn’t give you enough time to do it in class. What a Bitch! Also called Mr. Assi.
by The_Ulimate_Noob November 12, 2020
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Grade 8 science teacher, who makes you do math after you finish all the science stuff.
This is why science teachers have a bad reputation
Damn it, Mr. Hom’s making us do math
by The_Ulimate_Noob November 12, 2020
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