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Girl coming from todays broken family (usually related to motherly neglect) that dresses/acts innapropriately to gain attention from others because she never had a mother influence and got way too much attention from her family. Grew up spoiled, confused and misguided. Mother is out finding herself, leaving the father to go search for her, which leaves the children also alone! The father is left to support and do the motherly responsibilities which the father has no instinct for, but he does his best.
Lady: What the hell is wrong with that slutty girl? No idea where she is going nor the consequences of her actions, just like a slut. Bragging about having sex with many boys, lordy.

Friend: Don't blame the girl, blame the lack her mothers presence! If she had a mother as a model in her family she wouldn't be so wild and stupid.

Lady: Yes, your right, its the mother that is the glue that holds the family together and the father to support the family. With out the mothers presence, no wonder she turned out to be such a slut.

Friend: Why we even celebrate mother day in these days, is beyond commo sense and logic, there are no more mothers left in this world to celebrate!
by The_Master_Whiz December 27, 2010

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1 - Meditating to refresh, clean ones mind.

2 - Simular to the Vulcan mind meld(in the mindless Star Trek world)!
Woman: You nasty, vulgar man. You need a Whiz Clean to clear your mind.

obama: No way baby, being filthy and a user is what made what I am today. "I know what you need", a good f_c_in!

Woman: Rape, help, any one.

obama: Ain't no one left to do the right thing baby, get over it and take it! I got all the uneducated, pimps, druggies backing me!!!
by The_Master_Whiz December 29, 2010

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One who cranks the wiz. As in taking a very long wiz.

Sometimes refered to a person wiz wakin, wizin da jiz!
That Fag be smokin that wizcrank.

Damn, dat boy be taking a Khalifa while he be wizin his jiz.
by The_Master_Whiz December 23, 2010

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1. The mutual act of tenderness in which one fills a faggots rectum with Cheez Wiz for lubrication and then fucks them in the ass. This is followed by the tasty Cheez being sucked or licked off the lucky cock. This is often followed up with a Salisbury Spritz.

2. "Old Salisburian Style" Wiz Dogg is similar except that one uses a pastry bag to increase the volume and depth of Cheez Wiz in the recipient's ass and one finishes with a pearl necklace that is summarily licked clean.
"Hey, John, how was your date?"

"Man! That girl is a freak! Not only does she like it in the ass, she let me give her a Wizard dogg."
by The_Master_Whiz January 02, 2011

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In the action of "taking a wiz". A person who's fetish is "Golden Wiz"/Golden showers!

When some one is acting STUPID, attempting to convence others that an OBIVIOUSLY STUPID idea is a good idea!
obama: Come on you'll love wizzing on me, making my teeth skanky and yellow. It'll be like my birth certicate no one will know!

My half-sister will have another fake document printed up to say it wasn't wiz but spring water!

Intellectual: I wouldn't do anything your into, to include wizzing on you!
by The_Master_Whiz January 02, 2011

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