4 definitions by The_Liberator (via Unreal Tournament 2004)

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A person of very young age that attempts to play with much better people because it makes them feel "cool" or "l337". Also has VERY high pitched voice and use their microphone to piss other players off in doing so.
Some dude:God damnit n00blet! Stop screaming in our ears!
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Noun; The act of being or process of becoming a n00b. Being of a group of persons that have obtained the title "n00b"
"Dude cut the n00bism crap and learn how to play!"
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Noun; One who supports or acts similar to a n00b and/or acts under the principles of n00bism
Stfu!!!! Stop helping those n00bs!!!!!!
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one who follows the ways of a n00b or practices n00bism
I noticed that he was a n00bist because of the way he fragged his own teammates
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