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A "Parawhore" is a person who is such a big fan of the band, Paramore, that is has been considered by many people as an obsession. "Parawhores" will also accept the fact that it is an obsession because it is undoubtedly true. A "Parawhore" knows every lyric to every song, own all of Paramore's B-Sides and Live Performances, and head band at Paramore Concerts whenever they can. The word "Parawhore" derives from the words, "Paramore" and "Whore".
Brimmy: So, today I was like--
Iggy: What?
Brimmy: I'm sorry, Paramore just twittered so I had to read it.
Iggy: You are such a Parawhore.

Brimmy: I have over 160 Paramore songs! Piano versions, instrumentals, Live Performances, the B-Sides, and obviously, all of the albums.
Iggy: Why are you such a Parawhore?

Dave: What are you doing?
Brimmy: Headbanging to Paramore, duh. All the Parawhores do it.

The person who wrote this definition is a Parawhore.
by The_Brimmy October 28, 2010

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An ex-scene kid who believes that they have grown up because they cut their hair, began wearing black, thick-framed glasses, and replaced their band tees with sweaters, but still dons the same beliefs, personality, and taste in music as before. A trend from 2012-2013 that is still currently ongoing. Scenesters are physically very close to the look of the "Hipster", but do not tend to have a hipster outlook on trends, music, etc.
Girl: My gosh, my ex cut off all his hair the other day claiming that scene kids are dead and it's time to grow up.
Friend: Oh my god, no way.

Girl: Little did he know I caught him listening to Blood on the Dance Floor the other day.

Friend: NO WAY!? What a scenester!
Girl: Yeah, you can change a scene kids clothes, but you can't change the scene kid.
by The_Brimmy June 12, 2013

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