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She a social, cunning, passionate woman. To have an Erika as a friend is to be extremely fortunate. She one that is trusted by all groups of people. And as sweet as sweet can be... When she wants to be. To say she is a firecracker is an understatement. Once you've pissed her off, you shall pay for the rest of your life! However, this somehow does not threaten her people skills. She always finds a way to your heart whether you commit to her or not.
Erika is unforgettable.
by TheSwordMaster July 12, 2013
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Something or someone that is profoundly stupid or ridiculous,
Person one: The new Windows 8 operating system is so cool,

what do you think?

Person two: That statement is dumber than a bag of wet


Windows 8 is dumber than a bag of wet mice,

in fact YOU'RE dumber than a bag of wet mice

for sayin that!

Person one: You got really worked up about that.

Person two: I was just demonstrating what an awesome

phrase that is.

Person one: Well I think that that phrase

is dumber than a bag of wet mice!
by TheSwordMaster January 7, 2013
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