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A byoukidere (ビョウキデレ) is a character that is usually sweet and kind but suffers from a physical illness. The term comes from "byouki" (病気), which means illness, and "dere" (デレ), which means "lovey-dovey". Some byoukideres have tsundere personalities instead of being sweet and kind.

Due to their illness, many byoukideres are frail/feeble. They normally die from their illness, but if they don't die, they are chosen and saved by the protagonist.
A: Hey B, what anime character do you kin?
B: I kin Yui.

A: Isn't she a byoukidere?
B: ...yeah
by TheSwiftSilverFox June 6, 2021
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An animatronic, who was once called Spring Bonnie. Springtrap is a rabbit animatronic, haunted by William Afton, also known as "Purple Guy" or "The Killer in Purple". William's corpse was trapped in Springtrap due to a springlock failure. William, the killer of the FNaF 1 souls, was cornered into the Spring Bonnie/Springtrap suit, and was springlocked. Springtrap is also the main antagonist in FNaF 3.
Springtrap is one of my favorite FNaF characters.
by TheSwiftSilverFox September 23, 2020
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1. A person who is on the border-line of being a tween and a pre-teen.
2. A person who is not sure if they are a pre-teen or a tween.
1. My parents say I'm growing out of being a teen, but they also say that I'm not mature enough to be a pre-teen. They call me a pre-tween.
2. My parents call me a pre-teen, but my friends call me a tween.
by TheSwiftSilverFox November 15, 2020
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