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A corp (corporation) gay, is a negative way to refer to a gay person in a lighthearted way.

They usually refer to someone who looks like they were planted in an advertisement/front of the company to look inclusive.

They do not look ‘real’ in a way they look they like were auto generated. Most people use the term against Cis gay men who take a lot of pride in their appearance: gym gays/makeup gays. (James Charles is an example)

It also has to do with the whole energy they give off, how they take pictures etc.
“I don’t wanna match with that That guy.. he’s kind of a corp gay

“Her face is too perfect yk?? Can’t explain it.. it’s the corp gay effect?”
by TheSwagsterr February 20, 2023
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Sonic the hedgehog comics that are now discontinued under the Archie licensing.

Most sonic fans view back fondly on it despite its many issues with its writing, characters and honestly everything about it.

Quite the strangest piece of official sonic ever. All thanks to Ken penders
“I loved the sonic Archie comics as a kid… read em again recently… I had forgotten the atrocities..”
by TheSwagsterr February 20, 2023
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