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A Japanese person most likely screaming that they're cuming or some shit along those guidelines. Just means that they're close to an orgasm or their climax.
by TheRealMugi April 2, 2019
Euphoria is a Kik group chat, not a guild. It was made for a retreat for others on Kik because the toxicity that comes from it is unbearable. Mugi, Euphoria's creator, put her time and heart into making that chat so others could be happy in hopes for better attitudes. Mugi's favorite thing about helping others is seeing that she made them happy and that they've progressed from where they were from to who they are now. Unfortunately, even though there are people who don't change and that's just how it is. Mugi says it's best to keep those types of people away, it isn't great to keep someone around that only hurts people. If they can't change themselves, let alone have anyone help, then they aren't worth her time because she has other people to care for. Sometimes, she forgets to take care of herself.
Euphoria isn't a guild, it's just a chat like any other. All Mugi asks is that you'd chill with her members
by TheRealMugi June 10, 2020