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Stands for the Defense of Marriage Act. It WAS the bullshit law that said that GLBT couples cannot have federally recognized marriages,denying them thousands of benefits,way too many to list. This bullshit was officially struck down on June 26,2013,to the delight of the GLBT community. On this day,the GLBTs of the world and the community's allies celebrated.(Myself being one of them.)
Ding dong, DOMA is gone!
by TheOperaSoprano June 26, 2013
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Band Camp Residue can really only be know to those in a marching band. Band Camp Residue may consist of the following: sweat,sunblock,bug spray,grass,dirt,other's residue,spit(for those next to someone who can't figure out when/how to empty their spit valves),and things invisible to the untrained eye: fear of failure,frustration and desperation. Residue gradually builds up during the day and the physical effects can be washed away with soap and water. As for the psychological effects,however,the only cure is more practice and/or more Cowbell.
Jenna: I feel gross.
Me: It's Band Camp Residue.
by TheOperaSoprano June 26, 2013
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