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A "reality" tv show based in Newcastle, England, Uk
A terrible rip-off of Jersy Shore.

I never thought that they would make anything that was worse than Jersey Shore, but those money-hungry-idiot-using TV bosses managed to pull this one right out of their arses.

Description: A group of orange herpes ridden nobheads were all bunked into one house to have sex with each other and other whores from night clubs. All they seem to do is have sex, fake tan and wait... fake tan some more. Not to mention they are all uggers.
Girl: Lyk omg r u gunna wach that Geordie Shore

Boy: Wht? u mean Jersey Shore?

Girl: lyk no, lyke literary the English version

Boy: Nah, even i don't stoop that low...
by TheNicestOne June 17, 2011
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Geordie- A resident of Newcastle, England, (but also includes some Geordie wannabes from all areas around Newcastle)

Lass- What they call girls and women

A GEORDIE LASS is usually found drunk, hanging around the back of a nightclub, after a quick shag and maybe a kebab. Nobody understands what they say, despite claiming to speak English like the rest of the country (with the exception of Liverpool)

Appearance- Orange from fake tanning/ tanning beds, awfully greasy hair, just basically ugly and really in need of a wash. Sometimes however, Geordie Lasses with decent faces can sleep their way to fame, as demonstrated by the chav with money Cheryl Cole, who has (*thank jesus) now gone to annoy America.

A clear example of these girls can be seen in the television programme 'geordie shore'

However, a Geordie Lass should not be confused with 'a girl from Newcastle'
Holly Hagan

"Geordie lass Holly Hagan has admitted that she is planning to have another boob job and wants her breasts to eventually be “three sizes bigger” than they are now.

The ‘Geordie Shore’ star has already had breast augmentation and flashed the results of her first procedure on the opening episode of the MTV reality TV show. However, she thinks her bust size is still too modest and wants another boost as soon as possible."

- vicky pattison
- charlotte letitia

by TheNicestOne June 25, 2011
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