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A virtual stink hole located in the eastern part of Maryland, Baltimore consists of five principal elements: Ambulances, Drugs, Murder, Black People, and Police.

Going for a stay in Baltimore? Don't leave your hotel room. Need a drink, or a meal? Order Pizza, or go eat/drink in your hotel's bar. The drinks are higher priced because your life isn't on the line. Baltimore's football team is horrible, and home to the NFL's only murderer, Ray Lewis, a person who reflects the city's attitude with great pride: loud, ignorant, abrasive, and dangerous.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor provides a brief bit of relaxation between watching your wallet, running from gangster rappers, and dodging speeding fire trucks. But, sadly, this is pretty much painting a dodge neon the same color as a dodge viper and expecting it to go as fast. The panhandlers, unemployed thugs, and crack dealers will quickly ruin the charm of even something as beautiful as the Inner Harbor very quickly.

For tourists, literally, do not leave your hotel lobby. If you insist, you can probably walk about 1/2 block to 1 block in any direction before you enter a war zone of murder and drugs.
My husband was murdered in Baltimore because he was white last year during our vacation.
by TheLastTrueWord June 06, 2005
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