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Sacramento is a mid-sized city located in Northern California. It’s really not that great of a place. The best thing about it is the ethnic diversity and low crime rate. Besides that, it’s pretty much devoid of culture and can be quite boring. Some people would like to think of Sacramento as a great city, but that’s only because they don’t know better. Let me clear up some misconceptions:

1) There is a large population of state workers here. It’s the city’s biggest industry.
2) There are cows. Just go to Rio Linda or Elk Grove. You’ll see them.
3) There aren’t any real ghettos or very affluent areas. South Sac and Oak Park are poor, but not Compton-level ghetto. The Pocket is rich, but not Beverly Hills rich. This makes Sacramento fairly homogeneous in social class.
4) Sacramento is boring to people who have experienced the nightlife of a city that actually has culture. The second Saturday art walks, music scene, and Cesar Chavez Park concerts aren’t really that great.
5) UC Davis is a superior school to CSUS. Better funding, better programs, more rigorous courses. CSUS is easy, but not academically challenging.
6) The weather isn’t that good. It’s either very hot or very rainy/cold. The cool autumn weather only lasts a few weeks.
7) There’s never snow, but that’s just another thing that sucks about Sacramento, cuz snow is fun.
No one in Sacramento over the age of 17 uses the word "hella." Except Gwen Stefani.
by TheKoolAidGuy August 30, 2010

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