3 definitions by TheGreatLateSP999

A sexual act where one jumps into a pile of cow shit, rolls around for a considerable amount of time, then proceeds to get fucked in the asshole all the while burning their inheritence in a pointless ritual- similar to what UNC students are expected to go through.
Eric was legally retarded and was excepted to UNC where for the next four years of his life he proceeded to become a Northern Colorado Bear- as he did not have much asperation to become anything else.
by TheGreatLateSP999 June 10, 2011
A sexual act where one's partner is doing a bridge while at the same time the other, who is fucking them, is doing a wrestlers bridge.
Dude 1: How did it go with your girlfreind last night?

Dude 2: Fucking awsome!! However we have to go the chiropractor now because we Sweet Carolined for about 4 hours.
by TheGreatLateSP999 August 24, 2010
A person who starts playing the worst instrument in the history of human civilisation, the vuluzela, at the most inoppertune times.
Person 1: Did you go see that concert the other night?

Person 2: Yes, but I left after 30 minutes cause there ended up being several hundred of those fucking vuvuzeladouche's at the event!


Person 1: How'd that date go with your girlfreind the other night?

Person 2: Great, up until that point where my roomate came in while we were having sex and started to be the biggest fucking vuvuzeladouche who ever lived!!
by TheGreatLateSP999 July 28, 2010