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When someone is such a dick head that the only logical explanation for their dickheadedness is that they have penis for eyes. Also abbreviated to penis4eyes
(can be substituted with names of other funny body parts)
(Guy 1) Crikey look at that butt fucking fag wearing the Totti shirt thinking he's Italian and pretending to be cool
(Guy 2) Yeah what a penis for eyes!

(Guy 1) Look at the guys wopping forehead.
(Guy 2) More like a Penis 4 head
by TheGOATzor July 10, 2008

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Someone that plays practical jokes on others, causing many people to point and laugh in the face of the victim
Josh: Hey luke nice turd picture, put some glue on it then we place it on Neals ass so everyone thinks he crapped his pants.
Luke: Sure thing Josh then everyone will point and laugh at him thinking he shat himself.
World: hahahahaha (pointing of fingers) ahhahaa look Neil shat himself, hahahaha
Negative Nancy: You guys are such FARTSTERS now everyone is laughing at Neil coz he crapped himself
by TheGOATzor August 06, 2008

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A a dirty half breed (coloured) that does nothing else but smoke tik (crystal meths) through stolen light bulbs and surf trains train surfing to impress other female tik monsters. These fiends will suck and fuck any orifice they can for money or tik. They also usually have blue gums
Example 1: Hey Jebodiah look at that swak junky lying in its own pile of sperm, shit and vomit...
No Larry thats a filthy tik monster lets get out of here before he trys to spider monkey our ass again...
Example 2: Oh no here come the train surfing tik monsters, lets make a run for it before they cut off our scrotums and use that to smoke their tik
by TheGOATzor July 10, 2008

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