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: influence put on individuals by a person or persons to emphasize the positive aspects of a given topic to the point of excessive enthusiasm, or suppress any potential criticism.

: a subset of peer pressure that encourages people to ignore the flaws in something, often at the expense of progress.

Origin of Cheer Pressure

Hello Internet (a UK based podcast)

*Attributed to Brady Haran; tough as nails co-host of H.I and amateur flag critic.
Brody: That Elon Musk is having a right hard time getting SpaceX to self-land. He needs to pull it together man.

Person: You shouldn't talk bad about SpaceX Brody, you're a science person!

Brody: Yeah right, that's just cheer pressure. Come on man, you gotta be tough as tacks like me.
by TheDrukenScholar May 22, 2016

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The act of polishing a piece of woodwork (typically a table) with ones vagina. It is believed to have originated in Italy, often employed when wealthy merchants, aristocrats, and religious figures made custom orders from master woodworkers. The technique has remained a trade secret among masters of woodworking guilds till this day, however there is a rumor that Pope Leo XI, also known as the Lightning Pope had requested a for the finest table to made for his personal chamber, to which the woodworkers guild master replied "Do not worry for the tables quality your Holiness. My wife, she is very juicy", suggesting that a moist vagina is required.
Patron: And what do you say of this pieces quality?

Woodworker: See for yourself.

Patron: Oh it is so smooth and well varnished!

Woodworker: Ahh you have a fine eye. It has been vagined by my wife five times, and both my daughter's

thrice. My wife's pussy, it's very juicy.
by TheDrukenScholar December 06, 2015

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