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A common misconception is that Casement is a type of window. This has came about due to the remarkably perceptive nature of anyone whom has this forename. A Casement can quite literally look into you, see your deepest and darkest fears and desires. It really is just an unfair advantage, with your heritage to thank.
He knew there and then that it was time to make a ferocious act of love, right there in the middle of the chemistry class...He's obviously a Casement
by TheDocMartin September 13, 2009
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Scottish Dialect(slang) - (I am) (I'm) : i) to be doing something. ii) to constitute or represent a cause or thing. (negative - amurny (I'm not) (I am not))

1) Usually a word frequented by the variety of human's native to Scotland known as NEDS (non-educated-delinquents).

2) Occasionally used 'ironically' by those incredibly witty 'stylish' and 'cool' people who post insistently on social networking sites or have extremely loud conversations in confined spaces.
Teacher - 'Senga! I told you to stop trying to take pregnancy tests under the table during class! Get on with the work I gave you.'
Senga - 'Sir! amurny taking a pregnancy test!'
Teacher - 'Well get on with the work.'
Senga - 'Amur!'

Terry - 'Are you going to come out driving in my dad's new Zonda tonight and we can stop for a skinny latte on the way home?'
Paul - 'Aye amur'
Terry - 'Hahahahaah! Wow you're so funny!'
by TheDocMartin December 04, 2011
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